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“First off let me just say Wow!!!  Wow to the creative ideas! Wow to the planning! Wow to the details! And WOW to the results and final execution!

Having used Laurie and the Fireplace for an awards dinner last year, we knew the professionalism, organization, and superb quality of their event planning and food.  Because of this, we brought to her an idea of a Downton Abby themed awards dinner, and boy did she run with it.  She suggested the Larz Anderson auto museum as a possible location for the event and it was exactly what we were looking for.
The several meetings that she had with us to discuss the event ideas in greater detail were well prepared, along with visuals and pictures to help us see her visions.
The prepared tastings were created specifically to go along with our theme and like the rest of their food at the Fireplace, it was spot-on!  One thing we really appreciated was that if there was a dish that we didn’t think we were going to use or just wasn’t to our taste, she welcomed the criticism understanding that people like different things.
She set up on-site meetings to not only get the creative thoughts passing between us, but a second time to walk through the events of the night to confirm that was what we were looking for.  She was always open to our ideas and implemented them in to the plan.   Because of the obvious effort that was involved and the passion in which she described the evenings plan, we couldn’t help but get excited about it right along with her.  To hear what was simply an idea months ago, described to us in great detail of how the night was going to flow, we couldn’t wait for the night to arrive.

The Fireplace didn’t let us down!
The execution was flawless and exactly as Laurie had described!

The 1920’s Downton Abby theme was infused throughout.  A menu that included Crumpets as well as serving the salad after the entrée as they did in the time, a special drink from the era, hired actors to mingle, clean, and butler, and their wait-staff dressed in era clothing and serving as they did in the time with the Women bringing the food to the Men who served it.  Some great research and a lot of work done on this era.
The 40 foot long table was an absolutely unique and elegant setting, with great attention to detail showing in the china, flowers, and other decorations that were chosen.
Everyone is still talking about the food as well.  With our unique choice of serving the controversial Split-Pea soup and seeing everyone devour it, to the  duck as one of our entrees being the biggest hit, and even though we were full after 5 courses, there wasn’t a dessert plate on the table that wasn’t empty.  Delicious!

From the Jazz musicians during the cocktail hour and the harpist during dinner, the silence from every server during presentations, the butler(Carson) folding napkins when you got up and pushing in your chair when you came back to the table, to the owner of the Fireplace dressed in a tux and serving us as well, every consideration impressed each and every one of the attendees.

We highly recommend Laurie and the Fireplace to anyone looking to do an event whether big or small, and will have a continued relationship with Hanscom FCU going forward.

Thank you again for an unforgettable evening and event!

Mike Rzeszutek
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
40 Guests

“I wanted to formally thank you and the entire staff at Fireplace for all of your hard work and accommodating attitudes this past Monday at the Hazen and Sawyer reception.  It is a breath of fresh air to work with such an extraordinary group.  Trust me, your professionalism does not go unnoticed!

We have received nothing but positive feedback from our clients and they were extremely impressed regarding the food, your staff and their exceptional services.  The food was AMAZING!  The live food stations along with the actors were a hit and the life of the party!  Please extend my appreciation to the whole crew for their outstanding effort.

I sincerely appreciate your guidance and suggestions as we pieced together our event. Your top-notched staff were amazing and my registration desk ‘gals’ were a such a pleasure to work with – very impressive.I definitely will recommend your business to my friends in the future and I will be glad to be in your business reference.  I look forward to having another opportunity to work with you again in the future and know that I have nothing but good things to say about The Fireplace Catering!!”

Autumn Collier
Hazen and Sawyer
300 Guests

“What a wonderful night we all had at the beautiful Waterworks Museum last Thursday evening!! A sincere thank you for everything you did to help make the event so festive and fun! The food was excellent and exactly what I had envisioned.  I received compliments from everyone the following day about how delicious everything was, and how plentiful as well.  As you know, this was my biggest concern, and your recommendations were spot on.  Your staff was truly professional and courteous; they added to the positive feeling of the night.  I personally am very appreciative of all that you did to ensure that the evening ran smoothly, including all the set-up that was perfectly in  place before I arrived. Thank you for making it such a special night for our company, and for me.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you, and I certainly hope to be in contact with you for future events down the road.”

Jenny Callahan
Dovetail Health
165 Guests

“The party was exceptional, everyone loved the venue, the food was excellent and a special thank you to all the servers…they were beyond great!!!  Everyone whom I spoke with just loved everything!!!  You made it happen and we are so appreciative!!!  Look forward to working with you all again!!!”

Nancy Daniels
SS&C Portia
85 Guests

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