The Fireplace


The Fireplace is big on holidays. You don’t have to ask – we’re definitely open. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are some of our biggest and liveliest celebrations at the restaurant. For each holiday, we create a menu that’s festive and makes the most of the New England ingredients we love. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the people that matter to you. We’re big on that.

We’d love to welcome you at The Fireplace with family or friends, and we can handle parties of all sizes with enough advance notice.

Eating at home is nice too. We’re happy to cater your holiday party (that means you get cleanup too.) And we also do takeout – whether it’s the one dish you hate making or all of them. (Feel free to bring your own platter and claim you made it yourself.)

Because we get so busy, reservations are key. (We hate to let anyone down!) Give a call as soon as you’re ready to make plans: 617. 975.1900 Or, e-mail

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