The Fireplace

The Fireplace Celebrates Sicily!

In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

The Fireplace celebrates Sicily

1743: Thomas Jefferson is born on April 13.
1787: Thomas Jefferson visits Italy.
2015: Jim visits Sicily (and becomes a little obsessed).

Wednesday April, 13th
& Thursday, April 14th – 2016

7:00PM – one seating only per night
Reservation required: 617.975.1900


8 courses of Sicilian traditional dishes and wines


Tagghiere i fummaggi e capunata
Assorted cheese board and caponata crostini

‘Nzalata i finocchi, aranci e alivi niuri
Shaved fennel and orange salad with a citrus vinaigrette


Pasta chi brocculi arriminati
Creamy cauliflower and pasta with toasted pine nuts and raisins

Timballo alla Siciliana 
Baked pasta and ragù casserole


Meatballs poached in broth and 
baked with a topping of whipped ricotta cheese 

Parmigiana i piscispata
Swordfish and eggplant parmigiana


Iancu e niru 
Cream puffs filled with whipped cream and 
rolled in a chocolate-hazelnut cream

Parfait di mennuli
Almond semifreddo with chocolate ganache and ground pistachios


Custodi Bianco 2013
La Moresca Mascalisi 2014
Vino di Anna, Vino Rosso 2014
Vino di Anna, Jeudi “15” 2014
Pellegrino Passito di Pantelleria
*Wine & beverages not included

In collaboration with:

Nino Barbalace & Dorothy Di Marzo
Chefs at Sicilicity – Food for the Soul

Gina Tringali
Sommelier/Food Guide & Travel Writer


Thomas Jefferson introduced the first pasta maker and Parmesan cheese to Colonial America. Among the few existing recipes in his hand is one for macaroni, then a generic term for pasta. (We can also thank him for the first recipe for vanilla ice cream in the US.) He served a variation of this now all-American recipe at a White House dinner in 1802, a time when it would have been considered pretty sophisticated Italian fare.




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