The Fireplace

Fireplace NOT closing

Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce that I have decided to keep The Fireplace open.

In order to concentrate exclusively on building The Fireplace Catering I had intended to sell the restaurant to my friends at Pepe’s Pizzeria—but we have called off the deal. Ever since deciding to close the restaurant I have been overwhelmed with requests (some very emotional!) to remain open. So many loyal supporters have asked me to stay, to cater for them, to drop by their houses with lobster rolls, and even to sell our homemade potato bread through a local bakery. I love serving the community in which I live and have decided to keep running my restaurant.

I will always be looking for that life balance, so you’ll see me having lots of meals in the restaurant with my family — I hope you’ll come join us. Whether it’s in the restaurant or at our growing list of catering spots, we’ll keep focused on doing the rustic food with integrity that our friends love – and supporting local farmers and fishermen we believe in. At the same time, I’m excited to get creative in the kitchen and dream up more of the dishes I crave after work, at parties, for lunch with friends and out on my date nights.

Most of all, I’m so thankful for your support and excited to keep giving back to the community I love.



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